N7 Cafe LLC

Cold brew coffee and reusable straws

Hi, I am Katy. Welcome, I’m so glad you are here. You may be wondering how I got started in all of these coffee things.

When travelling in California my brother introduced me to Nitro Coffee, and I will forever be grateful to him. (Thanks bro!) It was creamy, chocolaty, and looked very cool. It was coffee that poured from a tap, and it cascaded beautifully in my cup. When I got back to home I wanted to tell everyone about Nitro Coffee. I talked to coffee shops, friends, and family. Most people had never heard of it...it was so new! I was struck by this and thought..hey people need to experience this in my town!

After a few months of research and experimentation, I learned how to cold brew coffee, keg it, nitrogenize, and pour it. I had quite the learning curve. In February of 2016 N7 Cafe LLC was launched. Through this entire process I had the help and support from my family, friends, and community.

I continue to have passion for introducing the Nitro Coffee experience. We offer kegged cold brew and nitro coffee, bottled cold brew, make your own cold brew coffee kits, custom simple syrups, and more recently reusable eco-friendly straws. Please take some time checking out our website and reach out if you have any questions. We’re here to help caffeinate you. Cheers!

Katy Stevens