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Cold brew coffee and reusable straws

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What is Cold Brew?

During the cold brew process, time replaces heat.

The steeping of the coffee during this time seeps the delicious flavor and caffeine into the water leaving behind the undesirable acidity and bitterness. It's been said that cold brew coffee is 67% less acidic than hot brewed coffee.

Cold brew coffee is smooth, mellow and has a rounded out flavor.  Since it is less bitter and acidic, many people find they can skip the cream and sugar. N7 Cafe uses locally roasted organic fair trade coffee beans .

Cold brew can be enjoyed over ice or steaming hot. N7 serves Cold Brew and Nitro Coffee from a draft. The new cold brew coffee packs is a perfect way for you to make cold brew at home or for travel and even camping. Click HERE for more information on our cold brew coffee packs! Concentrate and larger quantities of ready-to-drink cold brew is also available. Contact us to order!

Have you tried Nitro Coffee?

Nitro Pour Coffee is one of the newest trends in coffee drinking. The coffee is cold brewed with filtered water for 12-24 hours, filtered, and kegged. After the keg is tapped, the coffee is infused with nitrogen as it comes out of the tap. Beautiful, cascading, and full bodied coffee flows into the cup.

N7 Cafe will be serving draft cold brew and nitro coffee at farmers markets and special events in the Eau Claire area. Click HERE to find out where we will be next. If you are interested in having N7 draft coffee at your event, please contact us.